Zembula is a software company that helps brands to engage their audiences on a deeper level with email content that updates at the moment of open. They allow brands to unlock the potential of their collected data with real-time email content that is easy to create and deploy. Zembula is not an ESP. They work with your existing ESP.

Benefits of Zembula:

  • Integrates with your existing marketing stack so you can easily take full advantage of the features and functionality of Zembula.
  • Streamline your automation with email templates without having to change code over and over again.
  • Maximize the data that you already have to personalize customer experiences which will build loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Personalize every message to every user with their unique data set so that each customer feels special.
  • Organize all your content in one platform so you don’t need to bounce back and forth between all the platforms in your marketing stack.

Why Cogent likes Zembula

Creating a better customer experience from beginning to end is a must have in today’s eCommerce world. The customer relationship doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It needs to be a continuous loop where the customer is satisfied all the time. Zembula tackles the little things that make a huge difference. Email shouldn’t only be relevant during a snapshot in time. Regardless of when I open an email from a merchant, the content and experience should be fresh. Shipping status is table stakes today. Every time that I open tat status email, the data inside it needs to be accurate and up to date. The same is true if a merchant sends me an email marketing a sale, if the sale has past, the email message better be updated so that it doesn’t disappoint. The opportunities are endless and brands need to consider every moment, not just the big ones.

Meet the CEO: Robert Haydock

Robert is an entrepreneur addicted to creating better solutions. He has engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits in a wide variety of industries, from brick & mortar commercial development to video e-commerce and performance advertising. He is passionate about building dynamic teams to develop world-class products & services.