UGC Content Creation

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Problem:  The rise of influencer marketing has shown brands that UGC video can drive sales due to its peer to peer nature. The challenge is creating enough videos to stay fresh and capturing the viewers attention immediately within their social media stream. What works in UGC is subjective so brands need a constant refresh of content to maximize performance. Knowing which ones to lean into requires elaborate testing. Simply finding the right content creators can be difficult.

Solution:  brkfst has created a network of thousands of content creators that already have editing skills. brkfst also has a platform to make it easy for brands to test hundreds of pieces of content monthly. brkfst works with brands to develop content briefs to help creators stay on brand. Creators are incentivized to create content that achieve the KPI’s detailed in the brief.

Performance: An online kids apparel store struggled to scale Facebook advertising efforts due to low content production and marketing challenges. Brkfst was able to deliver 237 ads within the first six weeks, more than doubling the amount of creative in the brands ad account. 13 creators delivered ads focused on UGC, unboxing reviews, and stop motion graphics.

Results: The brands immediately saw a 30% decrease in CPA, a 48% lower CPA than their target. They also saw a 400% increase in sales over a 3-month period.

Persona: Marketing, Social Media Managers, Performance Marketers, Creative