The Cogent RFI Platform

The Cogent RFI Platform

Accelerate Partner Decision-Making

Our end-to-end technology evaluation platform automates and shortens the process of Media, AdTech, eComm Tech and MarTech partner selections.

Perform complex technology evaluations quickly and easily. Our robust requirement libraries and internal survey features facilitate an agile collaboration process, making it easy to capture, prioritize and manage your business needs, no matter the complexity. The RFI platform guides you through all steps of the technology evaluation process, getting you to a shortlist of solutions faster than ever thought possible. If you would like to launch an RFI process, please let us know and we will assist in getting everything you need setup.

Key Benefits


Faster Time to Implementation

A faster more efficient way to evaluate solutions. The platform makes it easy to collaborate with key stakeholders. Capture, prioritize, manage and rank requirements no matter the complexity.

Automate Your Process

With the platform, you can automate the more tedious aspects of your work, and evaluate potential technologies, without spreadsheets or endless meetings.


More Stakeholder and Vendor Engagement

Through in-app collaboration and light-touch surveys, our customers drive broader consensus, typically including 5-10 stakeholders compared to 1-3 before Cogent.

Detailed Audit Trails and Reports

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions met your business needs, the platform users drive more thorough due diligence. These insights allow buyers to look ahead, and make further recommendations to their business partners.


More Solutions Evaluated

With a manual process, it is common to only have the time to evaluate 1-2 potential options. Our customers find that they can regularly evaluate 3-10 options, with less work.

Maximize Your Value

The RFI platform users save hours on evaluations allowing them to do more, make better decisions, and improve efficiency.

The Summary tab is where RFI managers share all the information about what they are looking for, along with their current state and the technology that needs to be considered within the RFI.

This is also where the RFI manager will be able to manage the RFI process and see where each vendor is at in the process along with the scoring of each RFI.

The Requirements tab is where all the RFI questions will live. This is the heart of the RFI. Questions can be uploaded, added, and deleted from this tab. It is also where RFI managers can rank the questions based on importance to the decision making process and see how internal stakeholders have scored the questions.

The Users tab is where RFI managers can invite internal stakeholders to participate in the RFI building process. The invited stakeholders can participate in surveys and the scoring of questions based on importance to them.

The Surveys tab is where the RFI manager can create internal surveys to solicit input and feedback from internal colleagues. Links can be created here that can be shared with those internal colleagues.

The Solutions tab is where RFI managers add the vendors that they want to invite to participate in the RFI. From this section, links can be created for each vendor which can be emailed separately. This will provide each vendor with their own environment to communicate with the RFI manager and complete the RFI, along with uploaded documents.

The Comparison tab is where RFI managers will come to view the completed RFI’s from each vendor and compare their scores based on the scoring done on the Requirements tab. This is where RFI managers will manage the RFI process once all vendors have been invited.

This video goes over all the different settings within the Settings tab of the Cogent RFI platform This is where RFI managers will control the weighting of questions, tags, and other settings that will make the RFI process easier to manage. Managers should watch this video prior to setting up an RFI so they know what they can control.

This video shows the RFI Manager how they can easily upload and share files with Stakeholders and Vendors within the platform.

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