The Cogent Olive RFP Platform

The Cogent Olive RFP Platform

Accelerate Partner Decision-Making

Our end-to-end technology evaluation platform automates and shortens the process of Media, AdTech, eComm Tech and MarTech partner selections.

Perform complex technology evaluations quickly and easily. Our robust requirement libraries and internal survey features facilitate an agile collaboration process, making it easy to capture, prioritize and manage your business needs, no matter the complexity. The Olive platform guides you through all steps of the technology evaluation process, getting you to a shortlist of solutions faster than ever thought possible.

Key Benefits


Faster Time to Implementation

A faster more efficient way to evaluate solutions. The Olive platform makes it easy to collaborate with key stakeholders. Capture, prioritize, manage and rank requirements no matter the complexity.

Automate Your Process

With the Olive platform, you can automate the more tedious aspects of your work, and evaluate potential technologies, without spreadsheets or endless meetings.


More Stakeholder and Vendor Engagement

Through in-app collaboration and light-touch surveys, our customers drive broader consensus, typically including 5-10 stakeholders3 compared to 1-3 before Olive.

Detailed Audit Trails and Reports

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions met your business needs, Olive platform users drive more thorough due diligence. These insights allow buyers to look ahead, and make further recommendations to their business partners.


More Solutions Evaluated

With a manual process, it is common to only have the time to evaluate 1-2 potential options. Our customers find that they can regularly evaluate 3-10 options4, with less work.

Maximize Your Value

Olive platform users save hours on evaluations allowing them to do more, make better decisions, and improve efficiency.

The Cogent Olive RFP Platform is free to use by all our members. If you are interested in a demo or testing it out, just let us know.