Cogent Weekly Newsletter 11

Have you been considering streaming audio and podcasts as a way to expand your reach and connect with your customers where they are spending more and more time? Does the channel seem too large to manage? Have you had experience in radio and feel like the CPM's are too high? Frequency can help you streamline your expansion into audio, make the entire process easy and manageable, and help bring down your overall CPM's while increasing performance. In this blog post, we will also discuss Apple, Identifiers, and how important personalization is to growing your business.

Cogent Weekly Newsletter 10

Is your media plan driving incremental sales? Which channels are driving the most? How much further can you push the positive incremental channels? Measured answers these questions in a way that MTA can't. We will also learn how important a content marketing strategy can be if you want to sell more products and build loyalty. How has COVID changed media consumption? And how will brands and publishers manage data and their relationships to build trust and grow revenue?

Cogent Weekly Newsletter 9

In this post, we will discuss the importance of a personalized shopping experience in eCommerce and how physical retail can emulate some digital tactics. Additionally, we will discuss Google's stranglehold on our industry, how important diversification is in your supply chain and marketing, and the potential for retailers to capitalize on ad revenue from their traffic. And, is gaming the next frontier for marketing?

Cogent Weekly Newsletter 7

In this post, we discuss how Fixel can help brands better qualify audiences based on their real-time intent. We look at how Facebook has been deceiving advertisers. We review some trends that are changing the way brands engage with customers. Then we dive into how the industry will address the challenge of 3rd party cookies going away. We will also learn how another acquisition in the audio space will impact competition. Lastly, we will listen to the "Online Marketing Made Easy" podcast and learn how important content and messaging is to your relationship with consumers.

Cogent Weekly Newsletter 6

This week we learn how important engaging content is to SEO and sales performance. Engaging consumers can be a challenge but it's something every brand needs to figure out. We will also discuss: - How OOH can impact your overall media strategy. - How the podcast industry will continue its epic growth. - How important content is when it comes to improving your SEO strategy. - How innovations today will impact our future.

Cogent Weekly Newsletter 5

This week we take a look back at the history of Super Bowl ads and remember some of our favorites. We will also look at how the customer experience is as important as the product. What consumer trends will brands need to know about, before they happen. We help prepare subscription-based marketers for new laws. We will also look at how and why brands should plan to iterate on their content strategy on a regular basis. And we will listen to thoughts on Clubhouse, in-game advertising, and the growth of VR.