Tags: Incremental Sales, Personalization, Loyalty, Omni-Channel, Repeat Purchases, Customer Retention, Customer Engagement

Problem:  The cost of acquiring new customers has been skyrocketing since the pandemic started. For many brands, the lifetime value of a new customer is shrinking because consumers have more options to purchase than ever and it’s easy to comparison shop, especially online. Brands need to give consumers a reason to buy from them, beyond price. If they don’t it will be a race to bottom on price.

Solution: Zinrelo makes it easy for brands and retailers to build custom loyalty programs with their modular design. Their programs allow for all types of loyalty components such as transactional, social, behavioral, advocacy, and engagement. Their plug and play solution will have you up and running in no time. Their advanced analytics program will help you understand where you have opportunities to further grow your business, and their machine learning capabilities will help you segment your most loyal customers to engage them even more.


•  +80% Repeat Sales
• +50% Profitability
• +2.4x Revenue Per Customer

Persona: Loyalty Marketing Managers, CRM Managers, Performance Marketers, eCommerce

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