Email Personalization

Tags: Incremental Sales, Personalization, Email Enhancements, Contextualization, Creative, Package Tracking, Increase Performance

Problem:  Most emails that brands send out today are static. This can often lead to a negative consumer experience because when they get around to opening the email, the information is no longer accurate or relevant.

Solution:  With Zembula, brands can engage and convert every potential customer with hyper-personalized email content that updates at the moment of open and is easy to create and implement. This will delight the customer and create higher brand loyalty. Zembula works with your existing ESP.


• 22% lift in email sign-ups (case study available).
• 20x their previous email conversion rates (case study available).
• 714% ROI (case study available).

Persona: Email Marketing Managers, CRM Managers, Brand Loyalty Managers, Performance Marketers