Online Focus Group Testing

Tags: Creative Testing, Package Testing, In-Store Shelf Testing, Focus Groups, Platform, Asset Testing, Emotional Recognition, Eye Tracking, Content Labeling, Surveys

Problem:  Focus groups are difficult to coordinate, expensive, and take a long time to plan, execute, and generate actionable results. Without some pre-testing, brands are risking millions of dollars on creation, production, and media distribution. Most brands and agencies don’t have a way to store assets and learnings together to help inform future asset development.

Solution: Through a combination of emotional recognition, eye tracking, content labeling, and surveys, data is collected and analyzed to create insights to drive business growth and improve ROI in content (video and image) production and deployment. The deliverables include industry  benchmarks, best practices, and actionable recommendations. Their solution will produce a standardized set of KPIs to enhance a brand’s consumer understanding across multiple touchpoints.

• Consciously declared responses on the brand’s main performance indicators and communication objectives for each type of content tested.
• Enhanced facial recognition algorithm that detects six universal emotions second by second.
• Attention Patterns and Eye Tracking that detects where participants look and how they visually connect with the content on their screen
• Content Labeling to help find which graphic elements drive participant behavior

Performance:  ABInBev needed to find key learnings which could help global Trade Marketing teams have a better ROI across markets utilizing the Point-of-Purchase displays. They utilized their testing platform to examine 30 different POP displays, including the competitions. Their testing discovered insights that helped to increases sales and market-share:

• Stimuli with Attention scores higher than 80 pts had a 10% increase in Purchase Intention
• Stimuli with more than 6 lines of text had on average 30 point drop in Attention Scores
• Stimuli with high graphic quality and clearer layouts had a significant lift in both 
• Use explicit messages and layouts that catch consumers’ attention and encourage them to explore the content fully
• Content with low graphic quality and complex clustering of information increases negative emotions and is perceived as less attractive, which impacts Purchase Intention
• Best performance managed to keep visual Attention for longer periods, generating greater exploration, increased Brand Recall and increased Message Recall

Persona: Marketer / eCommerce Leader