Product Cross-Selling Partnerships

Tags: Better Customer Experience, Increases CR, Build Loyalty, Increase AOV, Incremental Sales, Personalization, Shopify

Problem:  For D2C brands that have a limited catalog of products, creating repeat purchases and long-term brand loyalty is a daily challenge. The cost of acquisition can be very high while lifetime value can be difficult to measure because the need to replenish their products doesn’t happen often. And from a consumer perspective, having to checkout on multiple websites can be a real pain and result in cart abandonment on several websites.

Solution:  Honeycomb Commerce has developed a network and platform that solves these challenges. As a D2C brand,  you can curate complimentary brands and products from the Honeycomb network and promote the chosen products on specific areas of the website to create a better user experience. The implementation is simple while fulfillment is done by opposite is true if you distribute your products across the Honeycomb network allowing other brands to promote yours. The net results are: The net results are:

• Higher AOV
• Deeper brand loyalty
• Lower CAC
• New customers
• Wider selection of products

Performance:  Ledbury (Men’s Apparel Retailer): Since working with Honeycomb has seen:

• A 40% increase in units per transactions
• A 27% increase in average transaction value

Persona: eCommerce, site monetization, loyalty, CRO