Programmatic Direct Mail

Tags: Increases CR, Increase AOV, Incremental Sales, Personalization, Media, Direct Mail

Problem:  The majority of purchase decisions are made in the home, yet most digital advertising is designed to generate an immediate action. Often, ads are shown at a time when the user isn’t in the mode or position to make a purchase which makes influence and measurement different beasts to track. Additionally, growing your customer base can be difficult if you aren’t influencing them in the right place at the right time.

Solution: PebblePost augments a traditional medium with digitally inspired data assets. With Programmatic Direct Mail, brands can retarget and find new customers by utilizing online data to deliver proper messages in consumers homes, where they are more likely to make a purchasing decision and they can do it when they want. With PDM, PebblePost can deliver a message in as short as 2 days, making it the perfect medium for medium to high considered purchases. By utilizing their device graph, brands can rest assured that they are reaching the right people in the right homes.

Performance: Ledbury (Men’s Apparel Retailer): Since working with PebblePost has seen:

• Influences 42% of Purchases in High-Consideration Categories
• Top Ranked Influence on 13% of those purchases
• Those who viewed direct mail had twice the median spend of those who didn’t consult direct mail.

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