Nimble Ads

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Problem: Brands that sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, Instacart, or Walmart and buy Retail Search Media (RSM) either directly through the marketplace platform or a 3rd party platform are lacking the technology needed to continuously optimize bids throughout the day. Neither solution leverages AI to help expand potential customers either. They tend to focus on branded keywords and category keywords. These are the most competitive keywords for any brand, making it difficult to find new customers that aren’t considering a particular brand with efficiency.

Solution: Nimble Ads takes a brand’s current budget and begins to learn what out-of-category keywords could perform well in attracting new customers and drive up ROAS. Their intelligent algorithms are able to learn and move budgets around in real-time to maximize sales and investment for their brands. After a short warm-up period, brands will have a well balanced keyword and bidding strategy (branded, category, and out-of-category) that will always be tweaking itself to maximize returns without the need for teams of people to manage the various marketplace platforms.

Data Feedback Loop Advantage

Nimble Ads is a sophisticated multi-layered algorithm system that requests data from Instacart and Amazon every 30 minutes to review performance. The platform then analyzes and submits bid and budget changes to improve performance. Other platforms may do this once a day or once every two to three days because it takes a lot of computing power. This gives Nimble an advantage over other companies that don’t have the necessary computing power or their algorithms.

Budget Optimization and Bid Frequency Advantage

Nimble Ads moves advertiser budgets around between campaigns, portfolios and ad groups that may impact thousands of keyword bids 20x to 25x per day. This is unique and allows Nimble Ads to seize opportunities that other companies don’t even see, because they may only update a budget once per day or less frequently. For example, Nimble has a CPG client that has 250 ASINS/SKUS with 2 campaigns, 2 Ad groups and 1,000 keywords per ASIN/SKU. Nimble will make over 1 million bid and budget adjustments per hour across the 250 ASINS/SKUS in order to capture conversions each day. This is required because buying habits across the marketplaces change each day of the week. Other companies cannot keep up with this pace of optimization and therefore miss out on conversion opportunities.

Strategy Advantage

Nimble Ads has a unique platform that is highly powerful but also flexible to achieve your business goals per product. This allows Nimble to take your business goals and put them into technical decision making to achieve a desired result. For example, a CPG company requested to gain market share for a well-known brand that had just increased their pricing. Nimble reprogrammed the strategy to focus less on ROAS and more on top of page SERP results. The brand began to appear more frequently across various high volume keywords and despite raising prices, began to increase share of units vs. the previous time period. This flexibility and decision making is unique and hard to find in API management campaign companies.


• 62% reduction in COS

11,471 more clicks for a CPG brand with 200+ ASIN’s and an average product price of $3

42.7% increase in Revenue

Persona: CPG Brand Owner, Marketplace Manager, SEM Manager, eCommerce Manager, Anyone responsible for driving sales across any marketplace