Marketplace Bid & Budget Optimization AI

Tags: Marketplaces, eCommerce, SEM, CPG, Retail, Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, DoorDash, Krogers, Albertsons, Brand

Problem: Most Marketplace and e-commerce platforms analyze campaigns once a day in a very simple manner and provide basic optimization and performance, but brands that take this “good enough” approach are missing out on a lot of sales and conversions. Savvy brands have the opportunity to sweep in and make more money by automating product budgets and bids throughout the day, every day at a granular level. 

Solution: Take a granular approach to campaign set up that focuses on each product’s goals and budget:

  • Product goal set up
  • Set budget per product
  • Business goal and roas goal
  • Sales goals
  • Sales volume

Nimble will also optimize the campaigns continuously throughout the day. This is a crucial step that other platforms do not consider. By leveraging deep learning and AI, Nimble is able to learn what’s working best and move budgets and bids to maximize the brands ROI.

Performance: Bimbo Bakeries came to Nimble because they needed to scale their business on Amazon and Instacart, but they needed to do it more efficiently than their current partner. They felt that their current strategies were holding them back from maximizing their potential. Within weeks, Nimble was able to show considerable improvement:

  • 62% reduction in COS
  • 42% increase in sales volume
  • 42.7% increase in revenue

Persona: CPG Brand Owner, Marketplace Manager, SEM Manager, eCommerce Manager, Anyone responsible for driving sales across any marketplace