CRO and User Journey Optimization

Tags: Increases CR, Increase AOV, Incremental Sales, Increase Media Performance

Problem: E-commerce retailers want to increase their conversion rates (and revenue) but deal with major leakage and ad ROI issues

• 80%+ ecommerce carts are abandoned
• 70%+ site visitors bounce
• Current solutions are focused on post-abandonment remarketing: email reminders and retargeting.
• Huge advertising spend to drive more traffic. Retargeting dollars are good money after bad

Solution: An AI-Based engine that learns specific shopping patterns and where they lead so brands and retailers can intercept the shopper at precisely the right moment and keep them engaged with the right message and/or offer.

• Metrical observes 70+ variables in real-time resulting in millions of combinations
Compare individual’s interactions against database of 3.4B observations
Determine paths most likely to result in a purchase/abandonment
Multiple models predict not only likelihood of purchase/abandonment, but return visit
Predict the exact right time and place to engage abandoning customers
Massive, cross-industry data store of customer purchase intent and behavior, price

Performance: JCP wanted to increase on-site conversions and in-store sales by driving customers to buy online and pickup in-store (BOPIS). With Metrical at their side, they were able to achieve the following performance:

3.7x Conversion Rate
• 5.3 point reduction in cart abandonment rate
• 35% lift in BOPIS traffic
• $50 increase in average BOPIS related sales

Persona: Marketer / eCommerce Leader