Incrementality Measurement & Attribution

Tags: Incrementality, Media Measurement, All Media, Unbiased, Cross-Channel, Increased Revenue, Media Optimizer

Problem:  Marketers don’t know which advertising channels and campaigns are actually driving sales. Performance reports from ad platforms are unreliable and, when combined with reports from all the other channels, they never match up with actual sales data. Without accurate insights revealing where to cut spend and where to invest more, media optimization is impossible.

Solution:  The only media optimization platform powered by incrementality intelligence so consumer brands can validate, plan, test and optimize advertising spend to drive business outcomes.

Accurate Attribution & Unified Reporting

  • Reveal the true business impact of advertising investments
  • Easily view, compare, and report across channels
  • Access the world’s only library of incrementality intelligence

Easy Cross-Channel Optimization & Planning

  • Know where to cut waste and where to invest more
  • Get actionable insights based on your KPIs
  • Test multiple spend scenarios without risking budget

Proven, Future-Proof Methodology

  • Anchored on the most advanced data-science in the industry for incrementality testing
  • Keep getting accurate results, even when data-privacy and tracking rules change

Built by Experts, Trusted by Leaders

  • Developed by leading media measurement and data science experts
  • Trusted by marketing experts at 150+ leading consumer brands

Performance:  Hammitt, a rapidly growing luxury handbag brand, relies on a broad footprint of digital channels to drive continued growth, including search, display, email, SMS, video, social media, and more. While it was clear that online channels significantly contributed to sales, the team needed help understanding precisely which channels were their top performers and where they may be overinvested.

In one month, using the Measured platform to optimize their media spend, Hammit:

  • Increased total sales across the business by 9%
  • Increased incremental sales driven by media by 11%
  • Saw a 16x ROI on their investment in Measured

Persona: Consumer brands with ecommerce channels. Growth marketers, channel managers, analysts, executives and any stakeholders who need to understand the incremental revenue caused by advertising investments