Tags: Incrementality, Media Measurement, All Media, Unbiased, Cross-Channel, Increased Revenue, Media Optimizer

Problem:  Multi-touch Attribution is a thing of the past and impossible to land today due to the walled gardens. Most brands are over-spending on media because they don’t have a clear view on which channels are driving incremental sales or how the various channels are working together. When advertisers rely on media platforms for reporting, they get a biased view and the data doesn’t add up. Advertisers will often see 8x the revenue in their reporting across their media  plan than the actual sales.

Solution:  Incrementality Measurement for Smarter Media Investment Decisions.

• Unbiased 3rd party to measure incrementality across every media channel.
 Cross-Channel impact to measure the true incremental view of each channel.
 Stress testing of high performing channels to see how far you can push the channel before you reach diminishing returns.
• Geo-market match testing

Performance:  FabFitFun worked with Measured to right size their overall marketing strategy

• Reduced retargeting spend by 81%.
Resulting in retargeting CPA efficiency gain of 57%.
Budget reallocations drove an incremental 8.4k new customers for the business within 45 days.
Reduced Cost of Acquisition by 16%

Persona: Media and/or Analytics