Social and Digital Dynamic Creative

Tags: Incremental Sales, Personalization, Media Enhancements, Contextualization, Creative, Social, Display, Video, TikTok, Facebook, Increase Performance

Problem:  Stopping the scroll on Facebook and Instagram is increasingly becoming more difficult to achieve. Additionally, the cost of acquiring a new customer is on the rise. Automated ad buying or dynamic creative isn’t enough on its own. The two need to be combined to increase performance and productivity of your social media team. With the limitations imposed by Facebook, brands need better ways to deliver personalized creative within video and display, at scale. With all the limitations, personalization is becoming more limited.

Solution:  Hunch is a creative automation platform that combines data, dynamic creative video & image production with automated ad buying. With Hunch, you build amazing customer journeys on social and programmatic that personalize experiences and convert customers with the right creative at the right time.

• Self-Serve or Managed Services
• Agency and brand programs available
• Achieve branding and performance goals
• Find and convert new customers
• Launch personalized customer journey’s
• Automate the entire process: Connect, design, launch, and optimize all in one platform

Performance:  Watch-A-Porter is a leading online shop for trending watches, jewelry, and accessories. They automated their complete advertising process on Facebook with Hunch and  lowered CPA by 250%. Their primary goal was to automate ad creation and avoid ad fatigue. Hunch enabled the dynamic creative and buying/optimizing process. With all the data and feed of products provided, Hunch was able to create over 16,000 pieces of personalized creative, both  image and video.

• Achieved 28x ROAS
• 2.5x lower CPA
• 30x higher CTR

Persona: Social Media Manager, Digital Media Buyer, and/or Creative Director