Audio Creative Workflow and Personalization Platform

Tags: Incremental Sales, Personalization, Media Enhancements, Contextualization, Broadcast, Streaming, Podcast, Creative, Increase Performance

Problem:  Streaming audio and podcasts are growing in popularity. Spotify and Pandora make campaigns easy to execute, but with relatively high CPM’s and limited personalization capabilities. If you want to scale your efforts beyond the top two players, it can be a laborious process. Without a suitable solution, expanding to more networks with better performing creative is challenging and costly.

Solution: The first Creative Management Platform specifically built for Audio Advertising. Frequency uses listener data signals to personalize the audio ad experience. Frequency provides advertisers with control and flexibility to provide their target audiences the right message at the right time.

• Production Assistance
• Programmatic or Direct Delivery across the top Audio Publishers including Spotify, Pandora and iHeart
• Use data to determine which audio ad to serve to the listener
• Data Driven Optimization
• Results Based Targeting
• Centralized reporting for a holistic view of your audio campaigns

Performance:  Frequency worked with Terra’s Kitchen to address a meal-planning audience with personalized creative based on time of day and city, their audio creative allowed Terra’s Kitchen to relate to a city-specific pain point, like traffic. 

• They achieved a 3x higher click rate compared to brand standard audio
• Achieved a 65% savings on PPC compared to brand standard audio
• They also learned that Tuesday was the best day of the week for performance

Night was the best time of day
• Philadelphia was their best performing city

Persona: Audio Media Buyer or Audio Creative person