Complete The Look

Better Customer Experience, Increases CR, Build Loyalty, Increase AOV, Incremental Sales, Personalization, Media Enhancements

Problem: Most consumers don’t know the best way to pair products together. Most brands rely on “wisdom of Crowds” to help make decisions but data has shown that when merchandise is properly aligned by the brand, sales can increase 3x. The challenge is that Merchandisers can only do so much with their time that it’s almost impossible to merchandise an entire catalog in fashion, home decor, or cosmetics.

Solution: An AI-Based Styling Engine that serves as an extension of your Merchandising team.

• Works in collaboration with your Merchandising team
Extends your brand POV across your entire catalog
• The output can be used for PDP’s, landing pages, email, and display.

Performance: John Varvatos partnered with FINDMINE to elevate their brand point of view by showing shoppers how their favorite styles can be worn through complete outfits. The best part, there wasn’t any manual work required for their team since FINDMINE’s automated engine powered on-brand outfits across all their PDPs. They achieved: 

• 74% increase in AOV
• 83% increase in Conversion Rate
• 107% increase in Time on Site

Persona: Merchandiser / eCom Personalization