Personal Shopping Platform w/Sales Cloud

Tags: Better Customer Experience, Increases CR, Build Loyalty, Increase AOV, Incremental Sales,  Personalization

Problem: The world of commerce has changed forever. Even as more people venture back into physical stores, ecommerce doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This presents a huge challenge for brands and retailers that rely on the customer experience and store interaction to drive sales and increased AOV. Brands and Retailers need to find ways to engage with customers online that create a unique brand experience and ensure customers find what they are looking for and spend more than they planned. Because if they don’t, it’s really easy for shoppers to search for another website that meets and exceeds their needs. This could ultimately change the loyalty of a shopper for the long-term.

Solution: Feel helps brands incorporate personal shoppers and real-life virtual product demonstrations into the online shopping experience.This allows brands to create unique experiences that lead to brand loyalty and personal connections. The companies that do this the best will win in their respective verticals. Feel can also provide brands with the best online selling salesforce, trained on both the Feel platform and the brands specific products. A salesforce that is ready to sell day one and is infinitely scalable upon ROI success.


• 78% lift in AOV
• 77% lift in cart creation
• 10x ROI
• 80% lift in brand satisfaction


Small – Mid-Size companies – CEO, COO, Head of sales
Large companies – head of eCommerce, head of sales, CMO