Metaverse & In-Game Programmatic Advertising

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Problem: A broad range of audiences spend enormous amounts of time playing games on all devices (consoles, PC, and Mobile) but advertising to them has been difficult without interrupting the gaming experience. This could ultimately have a negative impact on a brand. Integrated ads within games have been expensive and near impossible for some brands based on alignment. More recently, the Metavere has grown in popularity but brands either aren’t sure how to enter it or believe it’s too expensive.

Solution: Anzu has developed a way for brands to programmatically advertise within games on all platforms in an integrated way. This is good for brand exposure but also creates a positive brand experience because the ad placements make the games feel more real. This is a great way for brands to dip their toes into the Metaverse. If a brand wants to dive into the Metaverse, Anzu can help them build immersive experiences that live where their target audience plays. The more time a user spends with a brand, the more likely they are to seek out that brand IRL.

Performance: Anzu created an immersive experience for American Eagle Apparel within Roblox to engage their target audience and build affinity with their brand. This was done through a Country Club and Store experience where users could try on clothes with their avatar. Most in-game advertising is brand awareness but here is what AEO saw from their experience:

• 1.5 Billion Lifetime Visits
• ADAPTIVE: Custom, dynamic, real-time ad delivery using first-party data that brings relevant ads to the right audiences.

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