Customer Insights & Targeting

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Problem:  Brands need to know their customers, now more than ever. With the loss of IDFA and cookie tracking, brands have lost insight into where their customers visit and what their interests are. Since Facebook limited their targeting and insights in mid-2021, performance on Facebook has suffered. Not because the customers are gone but because the targeting and tracking has been reduced dramatically. Brands do not have a clear picture of who their customers are on a granular level. Without having a clear picture of their customers, it is difficult for brands to find new customers, especially highly valued ones.

Solution:  ProfitWheel uses their technology, platform API’s, and cohort modeling to gain deeper insights into a brand’s existing customer. This includes things like interests, hobbies, social media posts, purchases, etc.. This deeper view into a brand’s customer can help them find more across all media channels through look-a-like modeling and creative development that speaks to them on a more personalized level. ProfitWheel offers a suite of solutions to help brands identify and find new customers across all channels, target the most relevant content, and inform business decisions from creative to product.

• Large eCommerce Brand: 34% increase in ROAS in one month
• Large Apparel ecommerce Brand: 14% increase in AOV and 28% decrease in returns.
• DTC Personal Care Brand: 24% increase in orders and 25% increase in sales

Persona: Marketing, CRM Managers, Social Media Managers, Performance Marketers