Helping Brands to Really Know Their Customers in a Privacy First World

Knowing who your customers are and having the maximum amount of data about them is more important today than ever. It isn’t enough just to know what they bought or where they live if you want to build a relationship with them. You can no longer rely on your media platforms or the walled gardens to provide this data to you so start owning your customers and activating the information!

Intelligence – Transparency – Privacy First


The ProfitWheel platform is a Marketing Intelligence Platform that allows you to get access to strategic and actionable insights in seconds that are just not possible with other software products.


We embrace transparency. Our tech enables you to cut through the black box that plagues traditional AI driven ad-tech platforms. Our platform unpacks the insights in a simple, easy to digest yet powerful manner for you to make it actionable in seconds.

Privacy First

While we focus on unlocking the value of your 1st Party data, we are obsessed with the privacy and security lens of it. Our technology is focussed on hyper cohorts rather than individuals and hence, not only is pro-privacy but also the most ethical AI when it comes to an ad-tech platform.

Benefits of ProfitWheel:

  • Deep Customer Insights beyond what you know or what the walled gardens will share
  • Actionable audience creation with details on every person in the audience so your messages will resonate
  • Grow your customer base strategically with a clear understanding of who they are and what they like and do
  • Expand your channels and target the right users without wasting money to learn the new channel
  • Know which are your high value audiences so you can increase LTV and reduce CAC

Why Cogent likes ProfitWheel

With all of the privacy changes hitting Marketers, combined with the lack of information media companies like Facebook can share, it is imperative that brands understand the complete composition of their customers. Brands inherently know that Facebook drives new customers but now they can’t measure or learn from their spending. ProfitWheel helps brands understand what they need to know so they can operate more efficiently without reliance on anyone else. Additionally, ProfitWheel’s business model is the most compelling we have seen in this space. They do not charge a percentage of media. They want you to use the data they provide as much as you want and can so you can grow your business.

Meet the Founders:

Vivek Bhargava is Co-founder of ProfitWheel and is Head – Performance dentsu International (India). He is a Digital Marketing Veteran and a Serial Digital Entrepreneur, with over two decades of experience. He is named as one of the top 50 digital icons of India. He is on the advisory board of industry bodies like ad:tech, DMAi, DMTI and also on the board of IAMAI.

Gautam Mehra has been a veteran in the digital Advertising domain for two decades now. His last role was Chief Data & Product Officer for the Dentsu International – APAC and CEO of Dentsu Programmatic wherein he is spearheading the programmatic and data story for the Group in the region. Gautam is passionate about building products. He gave birth to DMC (Dentsu Marketing Cloud), the proprietary data insights to activation stack for dentsu being used in over 32 countries.

Having spent his career in digital advertising in corporate America, it has spanned, buying, selling and eventually measuring it. Aman Khanna began at iProspect (SEM), moving into management roles at Yahoo!, followed by a leadership position at startup Adelphic mobile. His last stint at Visual IQ which led to its acquisition at Nielsen lasted 7 years where he managed the post sales team/function of their Multi Touch Attribution product.