PebblePost invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to offer marketers a seamless way to integrate real-time online intent data with impactful direct mail.

Fueled by their unique graph made up of both online and offline data, PDM helps marketers beat digital fatigue and rising costs by combining the efficiency of digital with the efficacy of direct mail. An end-to-end solution, marketers use PDM to activate consumer decisions at home and drive conversions everywhere.

Benefits of PebblePost:

  • Intelligence: The combination of our graph, our algorithm, and our ability to target, track and report with the highest accuracy fuels our ability to deliver superior performance.
  • Deliverability: Programmatic Direct Mail delivers a high-quality consumer touchpoint at home that is respectful and relevant with 100% viewability and zero fraud
  • Measurement: We stand behind the measurement of incrementality to illustrate the true impact PDM delivers and the value it can drive for your brand.
  • Influence consumers where they make the majority of their purchasing decisions, in the home.
  • Sustainability: PebblePost helps Marketers reduce their carbon footprint through a blend of intent-based targeting, more sustainable materials, process, and operations.

Why Cogent likes PebblePost

PebblePost is near and dear to our hearts. Both Sean and Tom were early believers in PebblePost and their mission to bring direct mail into the digital world and make it a channel that drove incrementality via personalization. We were both part of the first sales management team and took PebblePost from zero dollars in revenue to $20 MM in just under two years.

At the time, PebblePost was solely focused on retargeting and best suited for medium sized brands. Both Sean and Tom decided to venture out to other places where they could leverage their years of enterprise experience. We always hoped that one day we would find our way back to PebblePost. We have just been waiting for more product offerings that would make them an ideal fit for enterprise marketing needs.

That day has finally come. But, rather than leave Cogent and sell/manage exclusively for PebblePost, we have decided to bring them into our portfolio and help our members leverage this exciting and powerful channel.

PebblePost now has a full funnel of solutions including retargeting, look-a-like audience targeting and Graph Mail. Graph Mail enables you to more effectively and efficiently engage active customers, win-back lapsed customers, and reach a specific subset of your CRM database, by leveraging your customer lists.

If you heard about PebblePost from us in the past, we encourage you to learn about the current version of this unique solution.

Meet the CEO: Jacob Ross

We first met Jacob in 2011 when he was GM at Criteo NA. After two years in this role, Jacob became the CRO at MetaMarkets, a provider of interactive analytics that was acquired by Snap. Later on, Jacob spent nearly 7 years at MediaMath where he served as GM of their Audience business and Chief Product Officer.

Jacob joined PebblePost in May of 2019 as their President and later became CEO in April of 2020. 

Jacobs experience with these types of companies has positioned him to lead PebblePost through their next stage of growth.