Textual is a Shop by Text loyalty platform that gives retailers and brands the ability to send out Text message shopping campaigns. Textual’s enterprise platform helps brands with campaign management, product management, and payment processing from within a unique client dashboard. This is the next phase in Conversational Commerce.

Benefits of Textual:

  • Retain customers with a unique loyalty text messaging program.
  • Protect your margins by pushing products before price reduction.
  • Eliminate purchase friction with one click purchasing.
  • Creates a two way channel of engagement with your Subscribers and Customers.
  • Automation of trigger based campaigns based on past purchase history.

Why Cogent likes Textual

We talk a lot about how the cost of acquiring a new customer is on the rise. It’s been steadily growing for some time but is now accelerating due to privacy and tracking challenges. Retaining customers needs to be a primary focus for brands and retailers moving forward. Email may be inexpensive but it comes with a host of challenges, not the least of which is deliverability. SMS with Textual is the next step in the consumer communication evolution.

The average American spends 5.4 hours per day on their mobile phone. This device is the ideal place to build a 2-way relationship with your customers. If you can convince them to opt in by offering them the right value exchange, they will become your most loyal customers. We like Textual SMS over email because we have 100% confidence that users will see your messages. Textual makes it so the user experience is easier than any shopping experience they have ever had.

SMS messaging with Textual is not about spamming offers. If done correctly, with Blu’s guidance, brands can build relationships with customers instead of just selling them items once in a while. Textual makes it easy for the customer to purchase without visiting a brands website.

Meet the CEO: Blu Atwood

Prior to launching Textual, Blu spent the previous 15 year as the CMO and CTO at Fiftyflowers.com. His marketing and technology experience led him to discover the power of SMS text messaging as a marketing vehicle. As SMS has become more prevalent over the last couple of years, Blu saw that most of the providers were simply executing their email strategy via a text message. Most importantly, these message weren’t adding any value to the consumer relationship.

Blu set out on a path to create a platform that could help brands develop their conversational commerce strategy without burning their customer relationships. Blu was committed to building an engine that helps brands acquire all the information they need to execute effective campaigns without overreaching.