Synapbox remotely measures consumer engagement towards multiple touch points across the customer journey. They use a combination of emotional recognition, eye tracking, content labelling and surveys to gather biometric and rational consumer data. This data is analyzed to create insights that drive business growth and ROI. The deliverables include industry benchmarks, best practices, and actionable recommendations. Today Synapbox is trusted by the likes of Warner, Colgate, Uber, and other top brands globally.

Benefits of Synapbox:

  • Ad Creative Effectiveness before spending media dollars
  • Product Package Testing before production
  • Brand Recall Testing from video ads before spending budget
  • Quantifiable Data for Business Pitches that reduces subjectivity

Why Cogent likes Synapbox

Throughout the course of our careers, we have been through hundreds of testing scenarios that required millions of dollars, often times just to get directional results. We can’t recall the number of times we tested multiple pieces of creative and the one we thought would come in last, came in first. Testing has been unpredictable, until now. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on media to test a handful of creative execution? With Synapbox, you can start testing at the storyboard phase and continue until you have final pieces of creative. Incorporating Synapbox into the creatove process will save you time and money. Now you can go to market with the creative elements that tested the best among your target audience and have those results in as quick as 48 hours.

If you are testing packaging or products, why go through the hassle of creating offline focus groups, waiting months for results, and spending tens of thousands of dollars when you can get better results in days, at a fraction of the cost? Plus, with COVID-19 part of our lives for the foreseeable future, Synapbox can bring confidence to a disrupted process.

We ultimately decided that Synapbox was a necessary part of our portfolio because they can help all of the Cogent Collective members and their companies move faster and smarter, staying ahead of their competition.

Meet the CEO: Cristina De Le Pena

Cristina is the founder and CEO of Synapbox, leading the company vision and product roadmap. Her purpose is to reinvent the way we understand human behaviour by leveraging AI and remote biometric technologies. Prior to Synabox, she was a Director at NextLab, an MIT next generation lab. Prior to NextLab, she co-founded Synetiq, a startup that utilised cutting edge technology, neuroscience and AI to conduct consumer research, this was the first iteration of Synapbox.

In addition, Cristina’s contributions to the industry were recognized with awards in Marketing & Advertising by Forbes 30 under 30 and MIT Innovators 35 under 35 by the MIT tech review.