Setka Editor is a collaborative content design tool to help all creators design content experiences that convert. This enables distributed and remote teams of all sizes to collaborate on content design and make data-driven decisions at scale within any CMS or in the cloud. Their team has over 15 years of experience in media and content design working with leading brands. Setka has strategic partnerships with the biggest CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Microsoft, and SAP.

Benefits of Setka:

  • Increased Conversion Rates leveraging content experiences that increase engagement
  • 1st Party Data that is actionable from more engaged users on your website
  • Increased Collaboration by making it easy for distribute teams to work in tandem on content production
  • Elevating Content Experiences through data driven design and a WYSIWYG platform
  • CMS and eCommerce Platform Integrations making it easy to plug in Setka to your preferred partners

Why Cogent likes Setka

Sapio Research identified that content creation will grow in significance in 2020 – up 9% on average – as it increases from 32% to 35% of total annual marketing spend. In companies with over 100 employees, the proportion of budget dedicated to content creation next year is due to rise further from 38% to 42%, an increase of over 10%. Pressboard compiled what they feel were the top 100 branded marketing campaigns for 2019. Please check out the list for inspiration, because stories can bring relevance to your brand and help build lasting relationships. Check out Collective members content from Crocs, Realtor(Move), Intel, and Pop Sugar (Group Nine Media).

Brands need to create more quality content to further engage users, then leverage that engagement into first party data that can be used to further their marketing efforts. To execute these strategies, brands and agencies need collaborative tools to make their workflow seamless. This will increase productivity, because timing and speed are crucial to the success of their content marketing strategy.

Given all that’s going on in the world today, from COVID-19 to social justice causes to environmental concerns and the downstream impact of these issues, consumers want to know where brands stand and what they are doing to support their positions. We live in a 14-minute news cycle led by Twitter and Facebook, so if brands want to control their narrative, timely content marketing is key. To be successful at this strategy, it will take teams of people collaborating in real-time to be successful. Setka is the solution to help brands and agencies accomplish their content publishing goals.

Meet the CEO: Kate Bazilevskaya

Kate has 15+ years of experience in the branded content space and she was recently featured among 100 Significant Women in Native Advertising worldwide by the Native Advertising Institute. Kate is now the CEO and Founder at Setka. She has won over 65 prestigious advertising awards, including Cannes Lions, the Webbys, D&AD, and One Show. She also served as as a jury member at Cannes Lions and for the Webbys. Her work has been featured by Business Week, Business of Fashion, NY Magazine, Nieman’s lab, TechCrunch, etc. She also holds UX Certification (Interaction Design) from Nielsen Norman Group.
Prior to founding Setka, Kate co-founded and drove to success a leading digital publishing company that expanded to 5 countries and over 11M readers per month.