Measured informs media’s incremental contribution and reports performance across channels in incremental terms. A single unified view becomes your source of truth for media performance across all online and offline media tactics.

Benefits of Measured:

  • Inform the true incremental contribution of media tactics to both online and offline conversion goals.
  • Identify opportunities for optimal scale and right-size tactics to incremental metrics.
  • Prospect and retain customers most efficiently.
  • Confidence in methodology and practice.
  • Single Source of Truth for all online and offline media tactics

Why Cogent likes Measured

Cogent is rooted in performance so we understand the importance of incremental lift to a brands media strategy. Channels need to work together to drive the maximum impact to a brands bottom line. However, if some channels aren’t carrying their weight and others aren’t being utilized to the fullest potential, you are leaving valuable dollars on the table.

Measured looks at a brands media campaign from multiple perspectives to understand which channels are driving incremental sales on an isolated basis but also how each channel is working with others within the media plan. Beyond that, Measured it heping brands understand which channels have room to grow and which are taking too much of the campaign budget. This prevents planners from fully abandoning a channel when it’s contributing to the performance of other channels. You can’t see this looking at the raw data.

Having worked for advertising technology companies that performed their own incrementality testing, we can can tell you that trusting the media partner to evaluate themselves isn’t the best idea. Not to mention, each partner will have their own methodologies so you won’t be able to compare apples to apples. You need a 3rd party trusted advisor performing your incrementality testing across all your media channels if you want a true holistic view of what’s work and what’s not.

The walled gardens have made testing even more challenging than it ever has been. Given all that we know about the likes of Facebook and Google, do you really want them telling you that they are the best performing channel and you should spend more budget with them? Of course not, but surprisingly, so many media managers do because they don’t have better options, until now.

At the end of the day, we like Measured because they keep us all honest. We know that not every channel works for every brand or tactic so it’s imperative that you have an always on solution in place like Measured to ensure you are maximizing every dollar and this goes for our other partners as well.

Meet the CEO: Trevor Testwuide

Trevor has spent the last 20-years building and growing enterprise technology companies. Most recently, he teamed up with analytics industry veteran and former colleague Madan Bharadwaj to found and build Measured. Measured is focused on informing media incrementality through a design of experiments. Prior to Measured, he co-founded and built Conversion Logic into a recognized leader in the multi-touch attribution category.

Prior to founding Conversion Logic, his efforts were focused on leading revenue at three start-ups, including Visual IQ. His colleagues and customers would describe him as highly competitive, persuasive, passionate, and consultative with a unique ability to win for all stakeholders.