Fixel is an AI, intent-based segmentation solution. Fixel leverages your 1st party data to measure engagement patterns to identify high potential opportunities. Fixel predicts the conversion probability according to the engagement traits from your site visitors. This helps brands and publishers identify which users to retarget, build look-a-like audiences, optimize media campaigns, and perform several other tactics. Fixel is a Data-as-a-Sevice Solution.

Benefits of Fixel:

  • 1st Party Data providing data ownership & value in a post 3rd party cookie world
  • Privacy First complying with CCPA, GDPR and all other privacy laws
  • Intent-based Segmentation that is more effective than media vendor or rules based and the audiences developed can be used in a number of ways from media to on-site.
  • Data Driven Pricing to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue potential
  • Platform Agnostic because they don’t buy the media, they just care about performance

Why Cogent likes Fixel

One of our missions here at Cogent is to help brands and publishers prepare for a world with CCPA and without 3rd party cookies. For years, AdTech companies have leveraged 3rd party cookies to gather your data and use it to their benefit, without sharing with you what they’ve learned. The demise of 3rd party cookies is forcing brands and publishers to do what they should have done years ago, take ownership of their data and their success.

Fixel has made it easy for brands and retailers to observe and collect data on their users, so that they can use it to their own benefit. The rise of the walled gardens comes with benefits and challenges. Sure, they have detailed data on their audiences which they can leverage to target on your behalf, but they are also deciding how to best spend your money. Are you comfortable having Facebook and Google decide how you should spend your marketing dollars? Fixel helps you take control back, so you can own your audiences and data.

Not all users that come to your site are equal, and it’s impossible for humans to understand all the behaviors that can lead to a conversion quickly enough to take action. Fixel segments your users into actionable buckets so you can retarget across any platform such as Facebook, Google, and The Trade Desk. These same buckets can be used to build look-a-like audiences across those same channels. Given that all traffic isn’t equal, it’s imperative to know which traffic drivers and behaviors are leading to conversion and Fixel can help here too.

Finally, Fixel helps brands take ownership of their data and helps them understand leading behaviors so they can fully optimize their business. For publishers, since the rise of programmatic media buying, 3rd party data has placed a chasm between you and the brands that advertise on your sites. Taking ownership of your data will allow you to build deeper connections with brands, maximize CPM’s, and ultimately provide more value to your customers.

Meet the CEO: Etgar Shpivak

Etgar’s experiences as a marketer uncovered gaps in the ecosystem that Fixel is solving. It’s his personal experiences that drive the product and features of Fixel.

  • 18 years Marketing Experience
  • University Lecturer
  • Best Selling Author
  • Top 50 PPC influencer by PPCHERO