Adomni is a digital out-of-home advertising platform (DOOH) that connects brands and agencies with on-the-go consumers via real-time connected digital screens.

Benefits of Adomni:

  • Scale that reaches more than 437,000 digital screens
  • Targeting that allows brands to place messages where their audience are and while on the move
  • Cross-channel solutions to complement advertisers existing strategies by remarketing exposed users on mobile devices
  • Media Formats that allow brands to push their message in a variety of ways that will be impactful and memorable
  • Uber partnership that brings hyper-targeted messages to individual neighborhoods

Advertisers can now plan, launch, track, and measure OOH campaigns on one platform in a matter of minutes instead of what used to take weeks. Watch this short video to learn how Adomni’s Audience IQ platform makes this all possible.

Why Cogent likes Adomni

As can be seen in the research on the left, 90% of U.S. residents 16+ noticed out of home advertising in a one month period in 2019, according to Nielsen. Furthermore, 66% of smartphone users took action after seeing an OOH ad in the past year. 40% searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad. And 20% of those who saw a directional OOH ad, immediately visited the business.

Adomni is transforming the way OOH advertising is purchased, evaluated, and optimized. They are fundamentally changing the way an industry has operated for a century. The entire buying journey is now automated and connected to omni-channel campaigns thereby driving increased sales. What was thought of as a mass media with broad reach for branding purposes is now considered a direct response medium because of its ability to identify users who see an OOH ad, retarget those users on any device, and track foot traffic and on/offline sales.

Imagine driving in your car within 10 miles of your nearest Walmart and seeing an ad for Walmart Grocery pick-up and delivery specific to your location. Then later that evening, as you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you see an ad for $10 off your first Walmart grocery order. Of course you click because you have been thinking about this since early in the day when you saw the targeted OOH ad, and you place an order. Now, as an advertiser, imagine having all this performance data at your fingertips so that you can manage and optimize your campaigns effectively. Also imagine the plethora of data that you can also gather on the users that were exposed to and engaged with your ads which all started with you DOOH campaign. These are the kinds of campaigns Adomni can offer you and they have case studies to prove it works.

Meet the CEO: Jonathan Gudai

Jonathan is a technology executive with over 17 years experience in web and mobile software development, advertising technology and e-Commerce. He has taken off-line businesses online, multiple times.

As the CEO of Adomni today, He steers the future of a growing online platform that simplifies the process to reach consumers on digital out of home screens.

He’s worn many hats in his career – software developer, graphic designer, marketing specialist, operations managers, researcher, and executive. As a result, he has a unique ability to tackle tough problems and speak the language of several disciplines.

Jonathan lives in Las Vegas with his wife and 2 girls. In his spare time you can find him on a mountain bike or a surf beach.