Algopix makes eCommerce marketplace data more accessible and usable so online sellers can make informed decisions.

Algopix is an all-in-one market intelligence engine that empowers online sellers to make data-driven decisions. Since 2016, 71,000+ Algopix users have analyzed over 226 million products and 23 million brands across 17 marketplaces.

Market research, product sourcing, competitor analysis—these are just a few of the things large online sellers need to master to stay competitive.

That’s what founders Ori Greenberg and Dani Avitz saw.

The desire to build something better — something that aggregates marketplace data in real-time to better illustrate market share across different online channels, pricing strategies, and promotions.

We’ve always been pioneers pushing the boundaries, creating value, innovating, and using technology to put online sellers in control.

Benefits of Algopix:

  • Largest eCommerce Catalog and Transactional Dataset to better understand your overall market
  • Cross Channel Market Share Estimates to help optimize sales strategies in real-time
  • Searchable Product Category and SKU Level Insights for granular insights into your business sector(s)
  • Data Driven Pricing to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue potential
  • Inventory Gap Analysis so you can stay ahead of inventory issues that will cost you sales and revenue
  • Catalog Enhancements for enhanced SEO and monetization strategies

Why Cogent likes Algopix

Covid-19 has only accelerated the shift to eCommerce. Time will tell if the trend continues but we believe that people who were reluctant to shop online pre-pandemic will continue shopping online post-pandemic. Sure, people will still visit shopping districts, it’s part of our culture, but shopping online has opened our eyes to the vast variety and quantity of goods available to us at our fingertips, anytime of the day, from anywhere in the world.

Marketplaces offer consumers shopping environments that are the online equivalent to shopping malls but making it even easier to find variety and compare price instantly. There are over 150 online marketplaces. Some are more general in nature and some focus on specific categories of goods. If you are a brand, do you know everywhere in the world that your products are sold? Do you know if they are priced competitively? Are you giving your company the best opportunity to succeed? Algopix can help you solve many of these mysteries while helping you make eCommerce a more profitable channel for you, especially as its significance increases over the coming years. Today, Amazon pulls in over 6 Billion visits monthly while eBay pulls in 1.6 Billion. Walmart, Etsy, Best Buy, and Overstock are all in the top 50 worldwide.

We at Cogent like Algopix because their data is helping brands win the search, keep users shopping, and win the car.

Meet the CEO: Ori Greenberg

Ori previously managed a successful eCommerce agency, providing market research and managed services for international eCommerce companies.

After years of managing the business, the agency developed a deep and profound understanding of the market and more importantly, the specific pain points of brands, CPGs, and Marketplaces.