Best Suited For:

  • 1P and 3P sellers on Amazon, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods
  • Brands and retailers that sell product on InstaCart

The Business Problem Nimble Ads is Solving For:

Most Marketplace and e-commerce platforms analyze campaigns once a day in a very simple manner and provide basic optimization and performance, but brands that take this “good enough” approach are missing out on a lot of sales and conversions. Savvy brands have the opportunity to sweep in and make more money by automating product budgets and bids throughout the day, every day at a granular level.



Nimble Ads is an AI-Powered advertising bid and budget optimization platform for vendors and sellers on Amazon and Instacart.

Our mission is to simplify the management of advertising campaigns on E-commerce platforms while increasing their effectiveness at the same time.

Our team has a deep history of advertising, machine learning, and E-commerce expertise, and have built multiple, successful, large-scale advertising systems that handle billions of advertising opportunities each day.

Our experienced team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and achieving their goals.

Our technologists have a long history of building and developing leading Machine Learning programs that have helped thousands of clients optimize their ad spend across Amazon, Instacart, Google, Facebook and many other supply side platforms.


Nimble Ads is the only player in it’s space that has the ability to optimize and adjust bids automatically thousands of time per day to ensure that brands are maximizing sales across their entire catalog of products.

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The Technology

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms constantly learn and predict performance for each ad for each targeted keyword, SKU/ASIN, ad type, placement type at a granular level. Our platform carefully experiments and automatically finds the best performing, high-volume advertising opportunities for all your products.

Nimble Ads bridges the gap between business goals and advertising configuration and eliminates the need to constantly monitor and tweak advertising campaigns. It leverages human intuition and expertise (e.g., product’s strategic significance, the current stage in the product life cycle, supply chain, and inventory insights) to configure high-level goals and budgets, and uses proprietary AI algorithms to dynamically optimize and maintain specific bids, budgets and targets while enabling granular human controls and overrides at various levels to accommodate a variety of business scenarios. Some of our key capabilities include:

Business Model

Nimble Ads pricing is determined by the percentage of media budget under management within the platform. The larger the budget, the lower the percentage. Nimble also offers a risk free trial.

Media & Social

February 8, 2022: Nimble Ads joins Instacart Ads API program

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Key Features

  • Goal-oriented setup for the overall product sales success
  • Granular campaign approach that optimizes decision-making.
  • Millions of adjustments every hour
  • Dynamic budget allocations across all campaigns
  • Incremental sales and higher overall performance for your brand


  • Amazon
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Whole Foods
  • Instacart







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