Nimble Ads

AI Powered Optimization

Nimble Ads is an AI-Powered advertising bid and budget optimization platform for vendors and sellers on Amazon and Instacart.

Custom Developed AI Powered Campaign Optimization Platform

Our mission is to simplify the management of advertising campaigns on E-commerce platforms while increasing their effectiveness at the same time.

Our team has a deep history of advertising, machine learning, and E-commerce expertise, and have built multiple, successful, large-scale advertising systems that handle billions of advertising opportunities each day.

Benefits of NimbleAds:

  • Strong belief in experimenting with unbranded and out of category keywords with a focus on long-tail incremental revenue
  • Analyze millions of variables per minute and continually optimize to drive the best performance possible across the campaigns
  • Increase the sales velocity by 20-30% for our customers
  • Support budgets and goals at campaign or portfolio levels
  • Custom goal setting configurations for each campaign
  • Currently supports Amazon and Instacart with Walmart, Krogers, and Door-Dash in the 2022 pipeline

Why Cogent likes Nimble Ads 

We like Nimble Ads over the competition because they take a unique approach to finding efficiencies to their clients campaigns. Most solutions operate as a simple management platform and this is evident when you do a simple search for a brand on Amazon. Nimble Ads is thinking outside the box and considering keywords that will drive sales efficiently and at scale, beyond the obvious. With this approach comes less competition and higher brand recognition.