Metrical is an AI-Based engine that learns specific shopping patterns and where they lead so brands and retailers can intercept the shopper at precisely the right moment and keep them engaged with the right message and/or offer.

Benefits of Metrical:

  • Processing Power: Metrical can observe 70+ variables in real-time resulting in millions of combinations
  • Historical Data: Metrical can compare individual’s interactions against database of 3.4B observations
  • Intent: Metrical can determine paths most likely to result in a purchase/abandonment
  • Predict the exact right time and place to engage abandoning customers
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Decrease Abandonment Rates

Why Cogent likes Metrical

Brands and Retailers spend millions of dollars each year chasing customers around the Internet after they leave their websites. This is in addition to the millions of dollars they spend getting them there in the first place. Why not connect with your shoppers at the right moment, and before they leave.

Metrical helps brands and retailers know when the point of impact is so they can deliver the proper message to keep them from leaving. We see too many brands and retailers using blunt instruments to achieve what Metrical is achieving with a scalpel. In turn, saving their customers millions of dollars by reducing the number of unnecessary discounts and retargeting the wrong users. The net result is margin preservation and we like that!

Meet the CEO: Zabe Agha

Zabe is CEO and Co-Founder of Metrical. A software developer by trade, Zabe learned during his time at Autodesk that the right consumer insights are key to an effective marketing solution. After a few years at Autodesk and a few roles, Zabe had an idea and saw an opportunity to help marketers stop their buckets from leaking. In 2017, Zabe set off with his co-founder and friend Rameet Kohli to start Metrical. After a few years of development and testing, Metrical is helping some of the biggest brands save millions while plugging their leaky buckets.