Programmatic media buying can be difficult and expensive, especially without the right partner and platform. The most well-known DSP’s charge high fees and hide additional fees within their contracts. This can make it difficult for a brand or agency to budget properly. It can also eat into your margins thereby making the channel less effective than expected. Data visualization and reporting shouldn’t cost extra, yet oftentimes they do, especially if you don’t meet minimum spend requirements. Additional costs based on spend create an uneven playing field.

Benefits of Logiq:

  • One platform that provides everything you need to execute programmatic campaigns with complete transparency when it comes to cost, bid win rates, and performance.
  • Cost Transparency: Your contract will state your cost based on media spend, no possible additional costs, no minimums and no monthly fees
  • Media Buying everything you need to start executing media campaigns across digital, CTV, video, and native. Includes Identity-Based Data Activation, Contextual & Audience Targeting, and Closed-Loop Attribution.
  • Instant Data Platform With our custom pixel and event integration, you can manage your own first-party data ingestion, monitor ad attribution, and comply with global privacy laws. You’ll be able to discover insights in the platform on Day 1.
  • Elegant Reporting Tools so you can stop paying extra for data visualization tools. Logiq Digital Marketing brings all your data, including your first-party and campaign data, into one platform, with beautiful charts for every metric and dimension, and easily exportable reports.

Why Cogent likes Logiq

Logiq is the parent company of two ad technologies that we really like and appreciate. The first company is Fixel. Fixel has made it easy for brands and retailers to observe and collect data on their users, so that they can use it to their own benefit. The second company is Rebel.AI. Rebel is a new type of DSP that offers all the bells and whistles of the major DSP’s but with a level of transparency that none of them can match. By combining these two technologies, the buying brands will do via the DSP will be much smarter so that brands can target the right audience with the right message and the right bids.

Logiq has been helping brands and agencies discover wasted budgets due to hidden fees, allow them to target more users and drive more revenue. One of our core missions at Cogent is to democratize technology for brands and agencies of all sizes. Logiq and their LDM platform do just that.

Meet the CEO: Tom Furakawa

Tom has been managing products in the digital marketing space since 2005, at Yahoo. Prior to Yahoo, Tom spent some time at IBM. His experience at a handful of companies positioned him will to build Logiq, and it shows.