Literal Company is an AI powered search merchandising suite that helps retailers capture some of the $35 Billion in Shopper Marketing funds that go unspent every year. On the flip side, their suite of solutions help brands stand out on retailer websites by creating valuable consumer engagements.

Benefits of Literal Company:

  • Incremental Revenue for retailers by helping them tap into under-utilized shopper marketing dollars.
  • Brands can Target Consumers by their searches and influence their purchase decisions.
  • Helps Consumers Discover products when they are actually in-market.
  • Personalize the Consumer experience while  increasing the average revenue per visit.

Why Cogent likes Literal Company

Amazon generates over $8 Billion per year selling sponsored listings to brands and marketplace merchants. Google generates over $20 Billion per year driving shoppers to retailer sites via their shopping listings. Coupon and deal sites generate over $7 Billion per year driving traffic to retailers by offering discounts. But most retailers don’t get their fair share of marketing dollars and brands aren’t getting enough transparency.

Literal Company’s suite of products empower the retailer to monetize all the traffic they receive, even if the shopper doesn’t make a purchase. Now retailers can get their fair take and help their brand partner be more successful within their shopping experience. 

Brands can now work directly with the retailers to accomplish their goals for each channel they sell within. Brands can get the transparency from their retail partners that they deserve. Brands can ensure that their products appear at the right moment in time rather then just hope that a shopper stumbles across their products.

Literal Company isn’t just about merchandising. It’s about helping shoppers discover products that they need, when they need it. It’s about creating a fair playing field for retailers in a world where Amazon and Google dominate almost every aspect, especially shopping.

Meet the CEO: Yan Tsirklin

Yan launched his first ecommerce website in 2000. He has been helping different types of retailers acquire more customers, drive sales, and generate value since then. In 2019, as the retail sectors declined accelerated, Yan saw an opportunity to help retailers continue to develop their relationships with customers, online. Partnering with some amazing developers from his network, they embarked on a journey to provide brands and retailers a way to create valuable consumer engagements online with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their products are designed to provide personalization and knowledge, just as a human would in the store.