Hunch combines the latest trends in performance creatives, data, and automation to constantly drive better results for brands. A partnership means they will work with you on strategy and execution while keeping your quarterly north star metrics front and center.

Benefits of Hunch:

  • Combine Brand & Performance on Paid Social
  • Find and convert new customers
  • Save Time & Resources
  • Launch Personalized Customer Journeys
  • Fuel your growth with automation experts
  • Power your brand with a unique partner

Why Cogent likes Hunch

Cogent is a firm believer in personalization. Having spent 6 years each at Criteo, we saw firsthand how powerful relevant product creative could be toward driving conversions. The challenges always was that the creative was never on-brand.

We all have developed the thumb scroll on Facebook and Instagram. You have a few minutes of downtime so you grab your phone and launch one of these apps. You begin scrolling with your thumb until something grabs your attention. If you are creating ads on FB or IG, how will you get people to stop their scroll?

Hunch enables Marketers to easily create compelling ads that leverage 1st and 3rd party data, to stop the scroll. Imagine having an ad in your arsenal for every single product/person combination based on the weather, day of week, time of day, geography, etc… By combining the right data, with the right products, for the right people, you can stop the scroll!

When you combine these creative capabilities with a brilliant targeting, optimization, and buying platform, you will generate better results while saving money and time.

Meet the CEO: Siggi Rakovich

Hunch is Siggi’s second start-up. Prior to Hunch, Siggi founded and sold a company called Building Explorer. Their core focus was on digital construction management. They were acquired in 2010 by a private equity firm. The company now goes by the name Bexel Consulting.

Siggi grew up in Orange County, CA and for the time being resides in Belgrade, Serbia. He attended CSU, Fullerton. In 2008, he was a member of Stanford’s CIFE Technical Advisory Committee which directed PHD students and funded their research programs.