Honeycomb Commerce

The Honeycomb Network makes collaborative commerce between brands seamless and painless.

Fueled by their massive network of D2C brands, Honeycomb helps brands connected with complementary brands to help increase sales for both brands, at scale.

Reason to Partner with Honeycomb:

  • Improve user cost-of-acquisition
  • Grow AOV profitably
  • Improve inventory utilization
  • Network of leading brands
  • Frictionless integration
  • Performance based pricing

Why Cogent likes Honeycomb

Having worked with many direct-to-consumer brands over the years, it became clear that some of them can struggle with CAC and increasing AOV because they were limited to the one thing that made them special, their product. Product focus is admired by consumers because it shows a level of expertise but it can be limiting for a brand.

If I am shopping for a suit on a specialty retailer that only sells suits, my order value is being limited because I need a shirt, belt, socks, and shoes to go with it. Back in the day, I even needed a tie. I am not a fashionista but I trust the brands I buy from. If they don’t have something I need, I will trust their recommendations. With Honeycomb, my preferred brands can now recommend complementary products right on their site. This helps me, the consumer, and the brands by increasing my AOV and generating a new customer for the recommended brand.

If I were a brand, I would see Honeycomb as a way to increase my bottom line with little to no effort. I would also see it as a way to distribute my products on complementary brand sites without incurring any marketing cost. All the while, I am reducing my CAC and increasing my revenue and customer file. When you consider the impact on LTV, this is a great way to drive a D2C business.

Meet the CEO: Matt Kritzer

Matt has an extensive background on the D2C brand side and understands the challenges an early stage D2C brand can face. He also understands what it’s like to grow and face the need for more share of wallet. When I think of ideal D2C brands, I often think of Tommy John, where Matt used to run marketing. After his time on the Marketing side, Matt spent some time on the tech side and ultimately launched Honeycomb Commerce.