Feel helps brands incorporate personal shoppers and real-life virtual product demonstrations into the online shopping experience.

This allows brands to create unique experiences that lead to brand loyalty and personal connections. The companies that do this the best will win in their respective verticals.

Feel can also provide brands with the best online selling salesforce, trained on both the Feel platform and the brands specific products. A salesforce that is ready to sell day one and is infinitely scalable upon ROI success.

Benefits of FEEL:

  • Live interactions with the brand via 1:1 engagements
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Control of your sales process
  • More satisfied online shoppers
  • Increase in sales

Why Cogent likes FEEL

The online shopping experience doesn’t compare to a good in-person experience offline. Consumers like to feel special and spoken to on a personal level. Bot assistance for personal preferences is impossible to execute. Feel provides what consumers are craving.

It’s very easy for consumers to bounce around to different websites to find the lowest prices but experience matters. If brands can create a better, more confident experience, they will increase sales and retention.

Adding an online salesforce can seem daunting if you don’t already have a call center. Feel works with brands to onboard and train the right people. They can even provide a remote salesforce to handle these calls so your current teams don’t have to take it on.

Meet the CEO: Oren Harnevo

Oren is a veteran entrepreneur havings started 3 companies and investing in several more. Having run Eyeview for 13 years, Oren understands how the customer experience can impact sales revenue. His background and passion is in product management which makes him the perfect fit to launch and operate a business like Feel.