Fast is a one-click checkout solution that can be leveraged anywhere. This includes PDP’s, carts, publishers, emails, ads, etc… They also provide consumers a one stop view of all their order and tracking information which all together creates a better customer experience.

Benefits of Fast:

  • Increased Conversions: 21% of Shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process is too long or complicated. Fast removed the frictions related to checking out by improving the cart experience or moving the transaction to the PDP pages or elsewhere so shoppers can buy when they want with ease within seconds of a click.
  • Tracking: Tracking of multiple purchases in multiple locations is frustrating for consumers and reflects negatively on the brands. Transactions completed with Fast are tracked in one place so consumers don’t have to click multiple times to see where their package is located.
  • Sell Anywhere: Fast makes it so brands and retailers can sell their products anywhere, including email, advertising, and product pages. Headless is the future of retail and fast gets you there.

Why Cogent likes Fast

Most consumers make the majority of their online purchases through Amazon. The primary reason is the ease of transacting. Their patented one-click experience is a major driver but that patent has expired which makes us giddy. Now we can have relationships directly with the brands we love and transact with the same ease as Amazon. One thing that drives us crazy as a consumer is the tracking process. We have to wait for an email or login into our accounts and then click 2-3 times before getting the information we want. Fast has made that process simple and limits it to one click.