Retail Innovation Conference & Expo
Produced by: Retail TouchPoints
Chicago: May 10-12

An Interview with JCPenny’s VP of Marketing Effectiveness

How JCP 10% Generated 10% incremental revenue

You get a lot of visitors to your website but only a small percentage of them convert for one reason or another. If you recognize the user, you send them a retargeting email and maybe it’s personalized to some degree. If you don’t recognize them and they have given you permission to track them, you try to deliver retargeting ads on Facebook or across the web. Both of these tactics come at a cost, take time, and are very limiting. So, what if you knew when a shopper was about to bounce (with or without starting a cart) and you had an opportunity to message them with something relevant to encourage them to stay, what would you do? In this interview, Pratik Kodial, VP of Marketing Effectiveness will discuss how JCP used this opportunity to increase incremental revenue by 10%. Also joined by Robert Wharton, Head of product at Metrical.


Demystifying Marketing Measurement Approaches in a Privacy-First World

The pros and cons of different methodologies post IDFA and Cookies

DTC marketers are still finding their footing after last year’s Apple’s iOS 14 rollout, CPRA updates, and shifting timelines for Google’s cookie deprecation. Measured presents different methodologies in-market today and highlights the pros and cons of each approach. Viewers can discover which options best suit their needs based on the 4 pillars of Marketing Measurement to build a culture of experimentation within their organizations.


Personalization: Executing at Scale
by Leveraging AI & ML

Build more personal relationships with your customers

70% of Cogent Collective brands view Personalization as a main priority for 2022. This isn’t surprising given the need for brands to create deeper relationships with customers and increase conversion rates as acquisition costs continue to rise sharply.

This webinar os led by Michelle Bacharach, CEO of FindMine. Launched in 2016, Michelle saw a need by retailers and brands to create better website experiences and journey’s via personalized content. Merchandising an entire catalog together is nearly impossible unless you leverage technology to augment humans. Michelle will be discussing how retailers and brands can scale personalization strategies without additional resources.

Holiday Demo Day – Improve Your Holiday Performance

Hosted By: Cogent

When: August 18th 


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This months demo day focused on how Marketers can improve their performance this holiday season and drive more incremental sales. We presented ideas on how to make your current channels better and new channels that can help you rise above your competition. Each idea can still be implemented this year without a heavy lift. Each partner had approximately 15 minutes to demonstrate their opportunity, including Q&A. You are still welcome to submit questions  to or You can watch the full demo day above, you can fast forward based on the agenda timelines below, or click to each partners page on our website to view only their segment.

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Incrementality Insight Series: Why add geo-testing to your measurement strategy?

Hosted By: Measured

When: August 12, 2021 @ 11 am PST

As multi-touch attribution is laid to rest, in-market experimentation for incrementality has rapidly gained favor with advertisers as a reliable method for making smart media investment decisions.

In this new measurement era, experimentation anchored on 1st party data is fast becoming the durable approach for marketing measurement. Geo Match Market testing is shaping up to be the near-universal approach for measuring incrementality on most media channels, especially for prospecting tactics.

Blind spots exist and, on many channels, they’re multiplying as user-level targeting and tracking dissipate. Geo experiments don’t require user-level data, but they can still reveal the incremental contribution of media to any metric that can be collected at the geo level.

This live session with Measured experts will include:

  1. An overview of geo-testing methodology and its role in modern marketing
  2. A live demo of how geo-experiments are designed and implemented
  3. A recent case study showing how one brand used geo-testing on YouTube to find new prospects and increase sales
  4. Q&A with Measured experts to answer all your geo questions

5 Ways to Use Kinetic Email Personalization to Increase Your Email Engagement

Hosted By: Zembula

When: September 16, 2021 @ 10 am PST

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You’ve no doubt heard a lot about Apple’s iOS 15 update and what it means for your open metrics. And while the fact that open metrics will become even more unreliable might make you a bit uneasy, we see it as an opportunity to rethink and improve many email marketing practices.

Without reliable open data, marketers must focus on creating the most compelling and relevant email content possible. This ensures the best results from your program, whether measured by clicks, revenue and/or increased customer lifetime value. And we believe personalized kinetic email is the best way to do just that.

In this webinar, Robert Haydock, Zembula CEO and Garin Hobbs, SVP of Client Strategy, will break down exactly what kinetic email is and why you should use it. They’ll also show you how to take it a step further by personalizing your kinetic email with the data you already have.

They’ll cover:
– What exactly is kinetic email?
– How can you personalize kinetic email?
– 5 use cases for getting started with personalized kinetic email
– Helpful tips and best practices