Events – An Interview with JCP’s VP of Marketing Effectiveness


An Interview with JCPenny’s VP of Marketing

How JCP 10% Generated 10% incremental revenue

You get a lot of visitors to your website but only a small percentage of them convert for one reason or another. If you recognize the user, you send them a retargeting email and maybe it’s personalized to some degree. If you don’t recognize them and they have given you permission to track them, you try to deliver retargeting ads on Facebook or across the web. Both of these tactics come at a cost, take time, and are very limiting. So, what if you knew when a shopper was about to bounce (with or without starting a cart) and you had an opportunity to message them with something relevant to encourage them to stay, what would you do? In this interview, Pratik Kodial, VP of Marketing Effectiveness will discuss how JCP used this opportunity to increase incremental revenue by 10%. Also joined by Robert Wharton, Head of product at Metrical.



What problem JCP was trying to solve when they engaged with Metrical

What was JCP’s ROI with Metrical

What additional benefits has JCP gained from their partnership with Metrical

Why did JCP extend its partnership with Metrical?