dashbots Conversational Data Cloud™ turns unstructured, noisy, interrelated and often tangled conversational data Into immediate action.

Gone are the days of manually searching through user transcripts. Conversational Data Cloud digests and translates all transcripts to an accessible store.

Conversational Data Cloud surfaces patterns with mishandled and unhandled intents to improve NLP engines.

Turn your complex conversational data from all your different channels, sources and platforms into a centralized view of all these data sets.

Dashbot has more than five years of data science product expertise to ensure customers see implementation results within weeks versus the typical 18-24 months.

Benefits of dashbot:

  • Reduce chatbot failure rates
  • Lower the number of chats that get escalated to a human
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build better customer relationships

Why Cogent likes dashbot

As consumers, we have all gotten frustrated with chatbots, phone trees, and endless loops from customer service reps. In our research with our members, we consistently heard a need for higher customer retention rates, more repeat purchases, high AOV, more brand loyalty, and the such. When we discovered dashbot and saw the results they generated for the likes of Intuit, GoDaddy, and Travelers, we had to learn more.

What we discovered was an analytics engine that has the power and ability to capture conversations on any platform and learn where the communication breaks down. Most importantly, this can be done virtually in real-time without the need for teams of analysts on the client’s side.

Even more, their short-term product roadmap will allow dashbot to help brands and retailers of any size, with or without a chatbot currently, to improve their customer experience with a simple integration. dashbot checked all the boxes that we look for in a game-changing technology.

Meet the CEO: Andrew Hong

Andrew is a VC turned CEO. In 2008 he founded ffVC, one of the leading early-stage venture capital firms based in NYC. He has invested in over 125 companies and has helped to create companies with aggregate market value exceeding $7 billion. He found dashbot so compelling that he jumped at the opportunity to become their CEO after leading their investment.