CRO & Personalization

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Problem:  Marketers everywhere spend a fortune wooing prospects to their websites using personalized messaging.

But when these prospects arrive—right at the moment marketers need to convert them—the personalization stops.

Sound familiar? It’s not just you. Websites everywhere are catering to the mythical “average visitor. This one size fits all approach leads to millions of users bouncing from websites daily leading to lost revenue for online merchants.

Solution:  Transform your website from a static, one-size-fits-all experience into a personalized, high converting website.

Give every single visitor the best possible chance of converting with AI-powered, real-time optimization. Combine your most brilliant ideas with machine learning to dynamically show 100% of visitors their own personalized page through real-time optimization.

In minutes, Intellimize’s Continuous Conversion platform begins analyzing visitor behavior, figuring out the best combination of experiences to show each unique visitor and driving more of the outcomes you care about most.

• Large eCommerce Brand: 34% increase in ROAS in one month
• Large Apparel ecommerce Brand: 14% increase in AOV and 28% decrease in returns.
• DTC Personal Care Brand: 24% increase in orders and 25% increase in sales

Persona: Marketing, CRM Managers, Social Media Managers, Performance Marketers