The Cogent Discovery Platform

Discovering Technology Made Easy

The Cogent Discovery Platform 

A Place for Marketers and eCommerce leaders 

to Discover and Vet Solutions for Their Specific Needs

Cogent curates and vets  technologies for mid-market and enterprise brands. Then enables them to validate which solution could be the best fit for their needs, without engaging with sales until they are ready

The Evolving Tech Landscape

Over the last ten years, thousands of technology companies have cropped up in dozens

of categories across AdTech, MarTech, and eComm Tech. Keeping up with this pace of

change is nearly impossible, especially if it’s not your only responsibility. 

Layer in the countless irrelevant sales emails and LinkedIn messages and the process becomes impossible

Time Consuming

Finding and connecting with  the right emerging technology companies can be very time consuming.


Dedicating resources to accelerators or building internally can cost well over six figures per year 


Buyers need a better way to compare and contrast solutions so they can find ones that are best for their needs


So many sales emails and LinkedIn messages makes us numb to the point where we ignore everything, even the good stuff

A Better Way

Rather than going on a hunting expedition every time
a new challenge or need arises, buyers can easily navigate the Cogent Discovery Platform to compile. a set of solutions and compare them by utilizing the Cogent RFI Platform

The Process is Simple

  • Click into a category below to view the list of relevant vendors
  • Review each vendors description and click into each one to get more detail on their solutions and value proposition


A focus on marketing and ecommerce solutions 
aligned to the needs of the 
mid-market and enterprise brands


Quickly compile solutions, compare them against your specific needs, and get immediate rankings based on your needs, all without speaking to a salesperson 

  • Note which vendors you would like to compare within the Cogent Evaluation Engine
  • Send us an email with category and vendors you are interested in and we will create the experience for you
  • We will schedule a platform review session with you
  • Invite in new vendors from outside the Cogent Discovery Platform if you choose to
  • Examine the results and determine which vendors you would like to speak with
  • Manage the entire process from within the platform


By utilizing a robust RFI, brands can easily establish which companies to focus their efforts on based on very specific needs


Easily engage with internal stakeholders early in the process so you can search for solutions that satisfy everyone

Find the right solutions for the challenges you are dealing with right now, before you speak with any sales people


Creative Management

CDP: Customer Data Platforms

Email Optimization Tools

Marketing Attribution Tools

Data-Driven Audio Advertising Solutions

Customer Insights

Metaverse & In-Game Advertising

UGC: User Generated Content Ads

Programmatic Direct Mail



Social Media

Digital Out of Home


Native Advertising




DMP: Data Management Platforms

DSP: Demand Side Platforms

Data Visualization

Identity Resolution

CTV Data Management & Measurement

CTV Media Facilitation

Verification & Privacy


Live Shopping

Influencer & Social Tools

Website Personalization & A/B Testing Engines

Commerce Media Retailer/Platform Facilitation

Commerce Media Demand-Side Facilitation

Merchandising Solutions


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Mobile Commerce

DAM: Digital Asset Management

Payment Solutions

Content Marketing Tools

Social Commerce

Payment Solutions

Marketplace Solutions

Chatbots and Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs)

Supply Chain Management

eCommerce Platforms

Headless Commerce Solutions

Recommendation Engines

Security Software

Multi-Channel Listing Management

Product Information Management

eCommerce Analytics

Inventory and Order Management

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