Anzu introduces native, creative, and dynamically-updated advertising to video games and esports.


Anzu’s breakthrough technology invites advertisers and game developers to co-create a new, premium ecosystem for advertising and esports.

Benefits of Anzu:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Coveted, valuable, and elusive audiences, exclusive gaming inventory across 12 platforms, and the only solution to offer in-game ads on gaming consoles.
  • Viewable: The world’s first 3D tracking engine that guarantees only viewable impressions are paid for.
  • INTELLIGENT: Advanced targeting for programmatic campaigns and easy integration with all major DSPs and trading platforms.
  • VERIFIED: Brand safety, ad verification, audience verification, and fraud prevention with Anzu’s exclusive AdTech partners.
  • ADAPTIVE: Custom, dynamic, real-time ad delivery using first-party data
    that brings relevant ads to the right audiences.
  • TRANSPARENT: Detailed campaign analytics tracked and reported, integrated with standard display metrics.

Why Cogent likes Anzu

The Metaverse is the hottest topic right now within advertising and ecommerce circles. Heck, it’s hot among many all demographics. As a brand entering the space, it can seem daunting. Some brands will be more adventurous than others as they dip their toes. We like Anzu because their solutions will work for almost any brand curious about the Metaverse. Brands can start small with targeted programmatic ads and grow into a full immersive experience within the Metaverse. Anzu can help all along the way. Plus, they already check all our boxes; Measureable, Personalized, and unique.

Meet the CEO: Itamar Benedy

Itamar Benedy is Co-founder & CEO of, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform that brings the sophistication of digital advertising into video gaming and esports. Anzu, which partners with some of the biggest games and brands in the world, has raised $17 million to date from investors including WPP, Sony Innovation Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, and HBSE Ventures.

Prior to his role at Anzu, Itamar served as the CEO of Glispa, a leading advertising firm with nine international offices and more than €100M in annual revenues. As part of his tenure at Glispa, Itamar led acquisitions of JustAd, a playable ads start-up, and Relevantech, a Telecom monetization platform. Itamar also served as the VP Marketing at and, where he helped the company grow into a market-leading fitness firm and led the transformation of mHealth into a business with over 40 million downloads across 30 apps. He was also nominated for Forbes Israel 30 under 30 in 2016.