About Us

About Us

Sean Simon

Tom Barbaro

Sean Simon and Tom Barbaro are experienced sales leaders with a long history of working side-by-side to build and lead lucrative tech company sales teams. As VP’s of Sales (East and West) at Criteo, they played an integral role in the company’s success from early days through IPO. Together, they then built and launched sales efforts for PebblePost, taking the company from Series A to Series C. Sean and Tom’s lucrative network of top Enterprise and mid-market brands and agencies has been carefully cultivated through years of relationship-building and revenue-generating partnerships. Their combined experience with raising capital, developing evolving sales strategy, assessing viability, and creating long and short-term plans for company growth have led companies like Yahoo!, SellPoints, LookSmart, and PebblePost to increased revenue generation. Cogent brings Sean and Tom’s proven leadership directly to you, helping your company build a bridge from start-up to success.

Where did the idea for Cogent come from?

  1. Over the last few years, we have worked with incubators that groom early-stage technology companies for investment, acquisition, and the sale of their products. We have been engaged with them as a participating start-up, an advisor to a participating start-up, and a mentor to start-ups in their programs.
  2. These programs are typically funded by large corporations and act as an innovation arm of those larger corporations.
  3. Over the last several years, the Lumascape has exploded from one diagram to 21 with over 8,000 companies represented and growing.
  4. During this time, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of some exclusive business/social networks designed to help professionals (at the highest level) and share ideas on their businesses and careers.

Why we started Cogent?

  1. It’s impossible for any marketing or eCommerce professional to evaluate all of the companies claiming to solve their current business challenges.
  2. Through our time with incubators, we learned about many companies that can actually solve the industry’s challenges, but couldn’t tell their story in a compelling way.
  3. Given the cost (6-figures) for a brand or agency to work with these incubators as an innovation arm, it just isn’t something that most can afford.
  4. Existing social networks are too broad and noisy to actually help solve specific and timely business and career challenges.

What does Cogent do?

  1. Cogent works with brands and agencies to help them navigate the noisy world of AdTech, MarTech, and eComm Tech in an effort to help them solve the business challenges they are facing today, without having to take countless meetings and sift through dozens of potential solutions. We bring solutions to the Collective for input and evaluation.
  2. Foster professional networking where like-minded professionals can collaborate on common challenges and goals (personal and professional), virtually and one day soon, in-person. Conversations will range between career topics and company evaluations.