Improving Marketplace Sales w/AI

As an emerging technology marketing and ecommerce promoter, Cogent understands the importance of maintaining a high level of competitiveness to drive sales on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Instacart. That’s why we recommend leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and automation to increase efficiency and generate more sales.

To optimize your Amazon and Instacart listings, consider leveraging technology to handle campaign setup, budget and bidding optimization, and category exploration for scale. With AI assistance in these areas, your resources can be freed up for other essential tasks while increasing sales and profitability.

Bid and Budget optimization is so crucial when it comes to generating sales on these platforms. Constant monitoring and adjusting of prices can significantly impact sales, and it’s essential to develop a strategy that ensures your bids are priced competitively to attract the right customers.

Additionally, Instacart partnerships with popular brands mean there is more competition than ever before. However, your listings can stand out by applying a combination of AI and automation technology with expert-level optimization, ensuring their visibility and generating more sales.

No matter the size of your business, every growth opportunity is vital. By leveraging AI and automation to generate more sales on Amazon and Instacart, you can position your business ahead of the curve and reach your goals faster.

If you are a brand, retailer, or agency, join our community of experts and gain access to innovative technologies tailored to the needs of the Cogent Collective. By booking a consultation call today, we can help you take the first step towards optimizing your Amazon and Instacart sales, achieving more significant success and profitability.

written by @ellathevma

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