Learning from 2022

Every good business person needs to look back each year and figure what they learned so they can improve during the next year. This is true for people and businesses. As a business owner that is responsible for our member communications, financials, and partnerships, I am always looking to learn from what we have done and figure out how to do them better. As a member reading this, I wanted to share some ideas that we are considering for 2023 and why so that you can see our line of thinking. We would love to hear your feedback on these ideas and we are open to hearing suggestions:

Member Engagement: Part of Cogents original Mission was to build a community of like-minded industry peers that could connect and learn from each other virtually. Although we started at the beginning of the pandemic when virtual was the only option, we still think it’s our path forward. Our members are scattered across the country so we want to help connect people outside of geographical communities. We tried a LinkedIn group and a Facebook like community via Tribe but engagement was too low and not meaningful enough to continue. Through recent surveys, many members expressed interest in roundtable discussions as a way to learn and connect. To support our efforts in creating the best experience, we distributed a survey to see who is interested in what topics so we can align like-minded folks in the right conversations. We have received several responses and those members should expect to hear from us soon regarding their roundtables. If you haven’t completed this 1 minute survey, please do so. We want to get everyone involved in 2023. Our only motive here is to get members engaged with each other.

Content: Entering 2022, I had ambitions of doing webinars on a regular basis, every 2-4 weeks. We started strong and fizzled fast. Mainly because we were just too busy to find the time. For 2023, I am thinking about a podcast. I hesitated on this idea because does the world need another podcast? Probably not but we will try anyway. This year we will have a clear strategy that aligns with the goals we want to achieve with this content. We firmly believe that every member can benefit from hearing a little bit about different emerging tech companies from their leadership. So, we are going to develop a format that is valuable and consistent. Our main goal will be to provide listeners with the clear value proposition that the tech provides. We will continue with our problem/solution format so that in less than 20 minutes you will know what the tech solves for, how they go about it, and where the idea came from. Within these 20 minutes, you will know if the tech can be of value to you or not.

Remove Bias: We are as genuine as we can be when we bring solutions to the members. When we identify a common need, we escalate our search and vetting process to find the most suitable solution. Once members engage with a partner, we are actively involved, helping them navigate the conversations. However, we understand that there is still a perceived bias, To help alleviate this perception and to help our members make confident decisions, we are going to put more focus on the RFP platform that we launched into beta this year. It is fully baked and will continue to grow with new features and functionality. We will be creating a demo video as a resource this month and rolling it out to everyone in January. If you buy tech or media for your company, you need to see a demo of this platform. You can use it to RFP our partners, as well as, non-partners. It is designed to make the RFP process easier, more thorough, and provide confidence in purchase decisions. Bets of all, there isn’t any cost for our members. To schedule a demo, please email me at sean@becogent.co.

We recognize that 2023 may be a challenging one with a recession looming but we are excited about how we can support our members regardless of how things go down. We have been working with our current partners to find easier and risk free ways to pilot performance solutions that can help in a potential downturn. This topic has also been top of mind as we evaluate new partners. Over the next couple of weeks, each of you is likely to hear from me or Tom so please see what we have to say and make sure to find time to chat with us early in the new year.

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