The Next Big Thing is Old but with 4% CTR’s

As with many things in our industry, what is old is new again. For the last decade, Marketers have been laser focused on performance marketing and rightfully so. Since the dawn of Internet advertising, Marketers have been focused on CTR, CPA, ROAS, etc… as a way to justify their spend. So to be safe, when the ability to target a specific user became available, buyers jumped on it and exploited it as much as they could. This was a fine strategy but it put all their eggs in one basket. This strategy can also limit scale.

So for scale, Marketers turned to 3rd party data to find their customers’ twins, in hope that they too will find value it whatever it was they were selling. I think it’s safe to say that all the juice has been squeezed from this fruit, so now what?

Say hello to your old friend, Contextual. Contextual targeting was something that we did in the 2000’s because if I was reading about shoes, I must be in the market for shoes, right? But what if I don’t do any research and I just hop right to my favorite shoe brand/retailers and buy? Welcome Contextual 2022 (23).

When I sold Contextual targeting in 2008, we just asked for some keywords or topics and then delivered ads to pages that we thought were relevant based on URL’s. We reported on the KW or topic and that was it. Even today, many DSP’s don’t report back at the URL level and even if they do, you have to pay a hefty CPM on top of your media CPM, sometimes making the targeting inefficient and that shouldn’t ever be the case.

Contextual today should leverage machine learning and AI to determine what pages and video’s truly are contextually relevant. As a tool, you should be paying for the identification of the content, not a premium for every impression served. Otherwise it’s like buying a slice of cake and having to pay extra for the fork.

ProfitWheel has taken the stress out of this process by creating a platform where anyone can type in a word, phrase, URL, etc… and with one click, get a highly relevant output of URL’s, Video ID’s and additional keywords that will be 100% contextually relevant and identified by where they sit within your funnel. These URL’s and ID’s can be taken directly to your buying platform of choice, DV360, The Trade Desk, YouTube, etc.. CTR’s have been ranging between 3-5%. Pricing is based on a Saas model so go hog wild and optimize regularly at the URL/ID level. Transparency shouldn’t be a choice, it should be a given.

The most important benefit from this tech, in my humble opinion, is that brands can now locate relevant places to advertise at any moment in time. If you do this daily or 2x/day, you will beat your competition to the content every time. Your brand will become synonymous with the topic very quickly. Check out this 2-minute video to see it in action and then call Cogent to learn more and get a personalized demo.

And if you want to understand your audience composition better and/or find the right words and phrases to search on for contextual targeting, check out this 2-minute video as well.

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