A Letter from Your Founders

Cogent recently celebrated our two-year anniversary and boy have we learned a lot about our members businesses and a slew of emerging technology solutions. Our membership is now close to 300, representing over 250 companies. These members have driven us to partner with 16 emerging technology companies. If you aren’t aware of these companies, you are missing out from benefiting from all the vetting Cogent and your fellow members have done.

Our mission is still to help brands and agencies evolve the way they buy technology solutions. By leveraging collective data, we proactively source and vet solutions. When needed, we will present them with options so they can make informed decisions without the hassle and pressure of the traditional sales process. Additionally, we want to help our members grow their individual networks for professional and personal growth.

Brands and Agencies face changes in their business and industry on a regular basis. Marketing and eCommerce teams are constantly short on resources to help them stay on top of the solutions that can help them address the constant change. Some large companies have access to various types of incubators, but they cost a lot of money to be a member. Cogent aims to bring emerging tech to brands and agencies without any cost, in an effort to democratize innovation.

Our goal is to build a community of peers that can help each other succeed in their current roles and entire career. Education is a large part of what we offer, and we will continuously search for ways that members will want to engage.

We want to change the way tech is discovered and piloted in the mindset of “always be testing.”

To get things started, please go and check out our new website. Our mission and services are much clearer. We welcome feedback from everyone, so please let us know what you like and don’t so we can keep improving. Very soon, we will add a tech discovery section that will lead into our RFP platform noted below. Please let us know if you would like to learn more now.


Sean & Tom

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