A Better Solution to Conversions

A Better Solution to Conversions

Talk to each shopper individually and address their needs to get more conversions.

What would you do if you knew precisely when a shopper was about to leave your website? Would you let them leave and rely on retargeting them via email and display to get them back? Email is limited to your CRM and only the users you can identify. Display retargeting is more challenging than ever. Aside from its questionable incremental value, it’s nearly impossible to find a critical mass of users due to IDFA and Cookie losses. These tactics also drive down your marketing teams ROAS because they have to spend money chasing the same users around that they already drove to the website once.

When you go to a physical store and have a question, you seek out the manager or a store associate. When you look perplexed, someone usually offers you assistance. And when you are about to exit the store, someone may stop you and ask if you are finding what you need.

When shopping online, it’s much easier to bounce from one website to another and then over to Amazon for a quick checkout. Offline, it takes more effort because you may have to hop in a car, drive to another location, and start the entire process all over again. Oftentimes you may make a purchase knowing that you can get it for less somewhere else, just because it’s easier. Again, this is not the case online. So, if you know when a shopper is about to leave and you have an opportunity to service them, why wouldn’t you? Well, you probably didn’t know that you had options.

AI and machine learning have come a long way and yet they are still terms that get thrown around to impress people, until it really works. Now there is a better, more efficient way to capture more sales and create a better user experience. Not every shopper needs assistance but some do. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to two things; did you get the sale and did the customer have a good shopping experience. People hate retargeting ads more than ever. And we have trained shoppers to abandon shopping carts and wait for the retargeted email with the discount offer. This would never happen offline. So, help your shoppers when they are in the moment, give them what you can to nudge them along, and watch your revenue grow and your marketing ROAS increase!

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