Five Ways to Optimize Your Chatbot

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According to Gartner, customer service chatbots are a technology to watch. In two to five years, Gartner analysts predict that chatbots are going to reach the Plateau of Productivity.

AI and automation provide valuable solutions to both 1) building new chatbots and 2) optimizing existing chatbots. There are huge benefits to making your chatbot efficient and functional. Efficiency and accuracy matter when it comes to customer service and satisfaction – the most common functions of chatbots.

1 » Automation is key

When you’re considering building a chatbot, or optimizing your current chatbot, the first
step in the process is to identify channels you currently have open that can serve as a
frame of reference – any place where business communications with customers take place. For example, you could look into your Interactive Voice Response (IVR), live agent
through chat or phone, emails, or Facebook Messenger. Anywhere there’s dialogue with
customers is fair game.

2 » Determine ROI

In order to get the other stakeholders in your company onboard, it’s vital to show that the
investment necessary to build a chatbot will result in some ROI. In most cases, building and maintaining a chatbot will save the company money. But it’s also important to remember, you constantly need to be optimizing the performance of your chatbot to ensure increased customer satisfaction and ROI.

3 » Design your Conversations

This is a critical tip especially for customer service chatbots, since customers will reach
out for support consistently. In order to lower escalation rates and ensure most customers get the answers they’re looking for, build content around topics that customers are asking about on current channels

4 » Leverage data

We always stress the importance of analytics when it comes to building a great
conversational experience because it’s the only way to track performance and get access to data necessary to the optimization process.

5 » Benchmark and optimize

Chatbots are complex. Lots of users, lots of data, lots of time involved. But with the right
tools, you can optimize performance and experience the benefits in an accelerated time
frame with Dashbot.

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